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We have experience in many vessel support services such as regular hull inspection, prop and z-drive inspection and coffer dam installation, 


BruceDiver is a fully ADCI qualified commercial dive service. We provide the best service in the water, from complete inspections, survey of intakes/holding tanks and marine construction/salvage. Safety and quality workmanship is our number one priority. We can assist you with numerous situations. Contact us for more details.

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Regular Hull Inspection

The hull is the most important part of the ship. Caring for it is essential. Regular inspection of the hull can identify areas of interest and monitor situations all ready noted. This can be done visually or with video documentation. Vessel support is our priority regardless of the boats location.  Our goal is to keep your fleet moving on the water.

Prop and Z-Drive Inspection

Our most important concern is to keep the boat going and monitor what is most susceptible to damage. From a line/cable wrapped up in it to a pole being waged in the z-drive. We can identify and remove them for you.

Coffer Dam Installation

Dry docking a boat costs time and money. We are capable of installing coffee dams in support of welding repairs, switching out transducers and others projects. Using our method, we are capable of drying out the box when needed.

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Southeast Michigan Dive Services Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron.


Send us an inquiry with your specific job or service in mind and we will get in touch.

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