Marine Construction

We have experience in many marine construction services such as: marine clean out, marine crane rigging, installing and removing marine navigation marks, stop log emplacement and removal, pipe penetration and pipe plug installation, and underwater burning/cutting and welding.  


BruceDiver is a fully ADCI qualified commercial dive service. We provide the best service in the water, from complete inspections, survey of intakes/holding tanks and Marine construction/Salvage. Safety and quality workmanship is are number one priority. BruceDiver can assist you with numerous situations. Contact us for more details.

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Great Lakes Michigan Commercial Diver

Marina Clean Out and Large Object Removal

Over time people lose things working on their boat or a storm blows your boat box into the water. We can help recover your lost items. Parts of the marinas seawall can fall off or docks can get damaged, we can help.

Crane Rigging Operations Support

Is your club hiring a crane to launch and lift out your boat? We can help with that. Divers are trained in Iran operations and proper rigging techniques in support of Crain operations. 

Installing and Removal of Navigation Markers

Does your club or marina need someone to bring in or put out the navigation markers? We have a quick and effective way to do that. We can perform maintenance on them as well.

Stop Log Emplacement and Removal

We inspect the channel track prior to installation and clear any debris/sediment. A diver observes the log being lowered to prevent improper installation. After, installation gaps are sealed with rag plugs. Logs can be installed one at a time or in sets, determined by the crane operator.

Pipe Penetration and Pipe Plug Installation

With surface supplied air systems, divers are able to go where others shouldn’t. Pipe penetrating is one of them. We are able to enter from the man way and inspect or remove any obstructions. We are only limited by the length of our umbilical.

We can install plugs in support of many projects to stop the flow of water from the sea wall.

We have plugs ranging from 2” up to 18” in mechanical or pneumatic.

Underwater Burning/Cutting and Welding

A Broco cutting torch system is used to cut materials (thickness from 1/8 to 5/8) for a multiple of projects. Please contact us for availability and estimates.

Underwater welding is also available.

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